Sunday, 24 February 2013

Colourful Cowl with Pattern

This cowl or 'snood' as my daughter calls it is by no means my original design, in fact I took inspiration from this, although I didn't use the pattern - I made my own up.

Quite a simple pattern but really effective. The yarn I used was Rico Design Baby Classic DK in colours rot / red (main colour), rosa / pink, blau / blue, vanille / vanilla or yellow, gruen / green.

I've had a few requests for the pattern, but if you're thinking of having a go, before you start
just bear in mind:
1. This is the first pattern I have written out so use it at your peril, lol. If you see any mistakes leave a comment and I will amend.
2.The cowl is worked in rounds with the right side facing you at all times.
3. I used a size 4mm hook for my foundation chain and then a size 3.5mm for all the rest.
4. Abbreviations are: tr - treble, ch - chain, ss - slip-stitch, it is UK crochet terms and when I say treble cluster I just mean 3 trebles worked into the same stitch/space.
5. I haven't made a chain stitch in between my treble clusters as I wanted a 'tighter' look, but the treble cluster of the next round is made into the gap or space between the clusters of the previous round.
6. I used red as my main colour and found I needed 2 x 50g balls of that but only 1 each of the other colours and I have some left over. ( I always find the darker colours seem thicker than the lighter ones even on the same quality yarn and use up quicker - weird)
7. It measures approx. 20cm x 164cm

So here goes...
Ch 252 and join with ss, making sure you don't twist the chain. Change to smaller hook. 
Round 1: ch 3, 2 tr in same stitch, skip 2 stitches on your foundation chain and then make 3 tr in next ch stitch. Continue around your foundation chain making clusters of 3 tr in every third ch stitch. When you get back to where you started join with a ss at the top of the 3 ch you made at the start of the round. Fasten off.

Round 2: With next colour (pink) start in between any of the tr clusters and ch 3, 2 tr. 3 tr in next gap and continue all around making a cluster of 3 trebles in the gaps between the clusters of your previous round. At end of round join with a ss at the top of the 3 ch made at the start. Fasten off.

Round 3 - Round 26: Continue with this stitch formation, changing colour on each round. My colours went red, pink, blue, yellow, green. ( you can of course adjust the number of rounds you do to suit yourself). The last round you do must be in your main colour, the one you started with. (red)

Round 27: 1 ch, dc in next tr, dc in next tr, dc in between next trebles ( a bit like when you were doing the tr clusters of the previous rounds ). dc in the middle treble of next cluster and so on all around. Join with a ss to the 1 ch made at the beg. of round. There should be 251 dc and 1 ch but I'm not gonna count them...

Round 28: 3 ch, ss into 2nd ch from hook (picot made), dc in next stitch. Ch 2, ss into 2nd chain from hook (picot), dc in next stitch. Continue making these little picots all around and when you get back to where you started join with ss into first ch made. Fasten off.

You can see from this photo that this is when I ran out of the red yarn and had to go and see the lovely Helen at All Stitches in Wilstead to buy more. Not a hardship as we always have a lovely chat and I can check out what she has new in stock :-)

Now, turn your work upside down and start working in the foundation chain you made at the start of this project, still using your main colour (red), and still with right side facing you.
Join your yarn in any gap between the treble clusters 1ch, 1dc, 1dc in the loop of the chain stitch used to do the tr clusters of the first round, 2dc in the next 'gap', 1dc in the next loop of the chain used in first round and so on all around and join with a ss in the first ch made. Again you should have 251 dc and 1 ch, but as long as it's not going all wavy I'm sure it will be ok. 

Last round: 3 ch, ss into 2nd ch from hook (picot made), dc in next stitch. Ch 2, ss into 2nd chain from hook (picot), dc in next stitch. Continue making these little picots all around and when you get back to where you started join with ss into first ch made. Fasten off.

Weave in all your ends, joy:

I didn't block mine as it seems fine as it is.

Wear with pride!

If you want a different size just make your chain longer or shorter, but make sure the amount of chains you do are divisible by both 2 and 3.

Good luck if you make yourself a cowl from my pattern, I do hope it works out ok and would love to see any photos. You can contact me on

'till next time....

Friday, 22 February 2013

Thank You MemeRose!

Being relatively new to blogging I had not come across a 'giveaway' before but a few weeks back the lovely Andrea of MemeRose celebrated her 2nd blog anniversary by gifting some of her items to the visitors of her blog. All we had to do was leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning and the lucky winner was to be announced on Valentines day.
So of course I left a comment, and then went on my merry way enjoying the publications of the many bloggers I follow.
And then, on February the 14th, while checking my dashboard during baby nap time, I was extremely surprised and pleased to read the post that declared me the winner, Yay!!!!
I actually got rather giddy with excitement and flapped my hands like a demented penguin!
And this week my prizes arrived, oh how exciting! A lovely Heathcote & Ivory oilcloth bag from their vintage collection...

...a set of pastel crochet motifs from this pattern

...and my absolute favourite....

....this gorgeous crochet rose potholder in vintage Doris Day colours!
How wonderful to be in receipt of these beautiful items, it is rather special to have something crocheted by someone else, especially someone who I admire so.

Thank you so much to Andrea for her generosity, I'm a very happy bunny!

'till next time....

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rose Heart Hanger from the Attic

Crochet Rose Heart Door Hanger

Morning all, I just wanted to show you these rose heart door hangers I made as thank you gifts for a couple of my friends. I wasn't intending to blog about them at first because they are not my idea and they already have a blog written about their design, but I then thought I would do a quick post to point you in the right direction if you haven't already found these and would like to make them yourself. They really are quick and easy to make, the patterns for the heart and rose are very good and effective. I'm getting more into making gifts for people now, in the past I haven't had the confidence and automatically think people wouldn't want anything I've made, but it's becoming apparent that my friends love my creations and enjoy receiving them as gifts. I know, I know, I'm a silly old fool - it's a confidence thing!

Ok, so if you follow this link it will take you to the marvellous Attic 24 where you will be able to follow the links onwards from there. There you will be able to find the pattern for the rose, the heart and also where to buy the little heart signs. I ordered mine from for £1.50 each. I bought a few to use for future gifts.

While I was on this site I could not resist treating myself to this pretty necklace. I am naughty, but it was only £6! *just been on website and I paid £5 for this :-)

I hope you have a great day today, take care.....


Monday, 11 February 2013

Rainbow Ripple Showcase

Yay hey hey, ALL DONE!!!!!
Sorry for being a bit over excited, but I'm pleased to announce the completion of my rainbow ripple blanket. And it does feel like 'an announcement' as this project has always been a big deal for me, I think mainly because of the size of the blanket. It measures 220cm x 160cm which means it hangs down the sides of my king size bed nicely and comes up to where the pillows start so you don't have to fold it back any.
Rainbow Ripple Crochet Blanket

I used the recognisable and well known Neat Ripple pattern form Attic 24. Many of you will be familiar with Lucy's blog as it is a treasure trove of crochet inspiration and tutorials. Thank you very much Lucy and others who take time and effort to publish tutorials. (I don't think Lucy will ever read this but anyway...)
So back to ripple. The yarn I used is Rico Design Creative Cotton, Aran weight (the blanket weighs 2.5kg! heavy...) I used 15 colours starting with white 80, pale pink 00, rose pink 64, red 05, dark orange 74, orange 76, yellow 63, olive 41, petrol 47, blue 36, turquoise 36, bright blue 39, aubergine 11, lilac 16 and pinky-red 13 (my colour names but actual colour number or 'farbe'). Each colour stripe consists of 2 rows and used 40g of yarn and took me about 2 hours to do! Sorry I can't remember how many chains I made to start, around the 325 mark. I did 2 rows of HTR around the edge to make the border, one in aubergine and the next petrol. For me that was enough to finish the blanket off and put a full stop at the end of this project. The gorgeous ripple effect and the rainbow colours speak for themselves and make this blanket what it is.

Rainbow Ripple Crochet Blanket

I started this on the 27th October 2012 ( gosh so momentous!) and finished it on Saturday (9th feb)    so taking me about 3 and a half months - not bad right?

The exciting start of this big project is posted here .

It's a great peek-a-boo blanket

maybe we could take it out on a picnic sometime

Rainbow Ripple Crochet Blanket

or use it to play as the happy rainbow colours will brighten up any grey day

or just keep it on the bed for snuggle and warmth

I tried very hard with my photos but am bit disappointed with them.

and do you know what over-riding emotion I feel at the moment?

relief that it's done.

but I am very happy with this blanket, I think it will almost become part of the family in it's usage.
Loads of my time and effort has been put in to making this blanket and I know my family appreciate that and they all say it's 'awesome' - thanks guys!!

thanks for letting me showcase my rainbow ripple

take care .....

Friday, 8 February 2013

Queen of Hearts Pinny

Hi All,

Are you the type to celebrate Valentines day? Or does it pass you by, or even make you vomit with its cheesiness? I feel it's more of a teenager sort of thing and I'll leave it up to my girls to enjoy but I do like a splosh of pink fizzy and some heart shape chocolates so therefore I guess I'm a hypocrite.
Although my husband is very, very generous he has never bought me flowers as he just doesn't 'get' the sentiment - he likes things that last forever. So I tend to buy myself some if I feel like it. It is also our wedding anniversary a week after Valentines and he always comes up trumps with gifts then, he usually writes and records me a song, just for me and I have a lovely collection of his CD's. I just wish his music could be heard by the populus - it is as good, and better than a lot of what's in the charts now. But you know, how fab is it to have songs written about and for you, even if I'm the only one who hears them?  Very cool I say!

Another thing about Valentines is that my husband is always going to be working, it's the nature of his business. This year he's singing at the White Horse pub near us for all the couples dining together - get the Renees ready Nigel! ONLY JOKING ;-) lol so it means we don't spend the evening together, we are going away for our anniversary so that's something to look forward to.

Anyway, I couldn't resist a bit of crochet love so here's my Valentines offering:

using the 'Granny Heart Bunting' tutorial from the super talented Sandra Cherry Heart for the pockets I made a sweet pinny for a bit of domestic goddessness....

very simply a rectangle of fabric, hemmed on 3 sides and gathered at the top into a fabric tie and then the crochet hearts attached all around apart from the top for the pockets. Sweet and simple.

While I'm here, I'll show you the start of something new I'm working on. I know I should finish other things first but have been quite fired up by this patchwork cross-stitch rose quilt:

As you can see I'm using small patches to represent each cross-stitch that makes up the rose image. 
I have divided up the quilt into 16 blocks altogether, these five are all I've done so far but hopefully I will fit a few more in this week coming.

'till next time....

Thursday, 7 February 2013

No Gaps Granny Square Cushion

Morning all,
I'd thought I would do a quick post while the house is still sleeping. I love it when I'm the first one up and I can have my first cup of tea in peace and plan my day without any interruptions.
Anyhow just now, I sat down on my sofa and leaned against my lovely soft, cosy new crochet cushion and remembered I was yet to bring to show & tell, so here we are....

Firstly the yarn I've used is Bessie May smile, a extra fine merino DK which sure is gorgeous both to work with and in the finished article. A cushion wasn't what I had in mind for it when I ordered the yarn from the online store as I have blogged about here. But when I started the link scarf pattern from issue 1 of Simply Crochet it just didn't feel right, maybe because the pattern calls for chunky yarn and not DK, the little loops or 'links' were silly and floppy and it just wasn't happening. So I decided to file that make want in the upstairs library for next winter and go a different direction with my new luxury yarn.

It was these 'no gap granny squares' that I felt like trying, and with success I think. Suddenly this project felt right and I steamed ahead.

Now I do love colour, oh I do. I'm always attracted to the bright colourful crochet around and that will never change, but there is room in my life for neutrals as well and I love the calming effect these colours have. If you're interested they are: Mist, Creme, Battleship and Cloud and this cushion in total took 7x50g balls on a size 4 hook at £4.88 each (eek)

It is a large cushion which makes it all the more comfy to lean against!

I joined the squares with dc stitch, a very satisfying method I think.

I have just realised I have not taken a photo of the back of the cushion and I can hear that the troops are surfacing. So I will get all ready for school and come back with the rear view picture, see you in a bit.....

...I'm back....

..a big no gaps granny square back!

using up the yarn I had, and annoyingly having to order some more, but it's no 'B' side and I like it just as much as the front.

calm and relaxing. soothing and serene. It's what's needed sometimes...

By the way Tuesday's Catch Up & Crochet night went well, I enjoyed catching up with friends I don't see often enough. The star pupil was lovely Rachel who has made a beautiful granny square circle scarf after only one crochet lesson. Top marks Rachel, detention for me though for forgetting to take a photo! Hopefully I will get another opportunity to get a pic and I will post it here :-)

see you all soon...

Monday, 4 February 2013

Busy Fingers....

As usual, I'm always making things. My family are used to me working on 100's of different projects at any one time and have stopped asking "What you making now?". Along side the bigger projects I have on the go I do like to make some mini makes here and there, just to give my brain a little run at working out something new.....
and also to show and hopefully inspire my Catch Up & Crochet pals. We are having our first catch up of 2013 tomorrow evening, as usual at the gorgeous cake and coffee shop Fancy where Saffron will be serving her delicious cakes with teas and coffees.

On hand will be my lovely sister Denise to help out all the left-handed people and there are lots of new faces to help along their road of discovering the wonderful art of crochet.

I will be taking lots of red, pink and purple yarn with me for that Valentine feel and we will granny along as well as share progress of all our projects.

If you live in the Bedford area and would like more details please email me on

hope your day is fun-filled and happy.....